Ravens Sign Flacco to Record Contract Extension

Ravens Sign Flacco pic

Ravens Sign Flacco
Image: sportal.co.nz

Jef Boeke is the Director of NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. Outside his work in systems genetics, Jef Boeke is also a long time fan of the Baltimore Ravens.

Quarterback Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to terms on a three-year contract extension worth $66.4 million. According to an ESPN report, the deal includes a monster $40 million signing bonus, which is $3 million more than any other signing bonus given out in league history.

Including the signing bonus, the deal includes a $4 million base salary in the first year, meaning Flacco will net a total of $44 million in guaranteed money in the deal. With this extension, Flacco is now under contract with the Ravens through the 2020-2021season.

Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome had gone through 12 quarterbacks in 15 years, before locking up Flacco, who he considers to be the team’s franchise quarterback for at least another six years. With free agency beginning the next season, the move creates an additional $6 million in cap space for the team to work with.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the deal is aimed at long-term stability for the organization, as Flacco’s cap hit will remain steady throughout the duration of the contract. The consistency in that figure gives the Ravens a good idea of how much cap room they have to work with to gather talent around their quarterback over the next few seasons, which are poised to be the prime of Flacco’s career.