The Forum on Synthetic Biology

Dr. Jef Boeke currently serves as director of New York University’s Langone Medical Center, where he established the Institute of Systems Genetics. For the last two years, Dr. Jef Boeke also has been a sitting member of the Forum on Synthetic Biology at the National Academy of Sciences.

Founded by the Committee on Science, Technology, and Law, the Forum on Synthetic Biology serves as a grounds for discussion on the ethical, practical, and public policy-based topics surrounding the field of synthetic biology. Forum members gather three times a year at locations across the globe, including California, the District of Columbia, and London. Held across two days, the forum features guest speakers and member-written papers that generate scientific discussion among attendees. Each year, Agilent Technologies and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation sponsor forum events.

Most recently, the Forum on Synthetic Biology was held at Imperial College in London. Entitled Creating an Environment to Support Investment and Innovation in Synthetic Biology, the joint meeting focused on promoting discussion between prominent government figures in the United States and the United Kingdom. Moreover, forum attendees examined synthetic biology’s relation to the bio-economy and how international leaders should continue to support both fields in the coming years.


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