How Does the National Academy of Sciences Support Art and Culture?

Jef Boeke stays active in his professional field through membership in many scientific organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences. The National Academy of Sciences supports the research of many scientists in many fields, including molecular biology experts like Jef Boeke, through generous grants and other forms of research funding.

Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) offers the opportunity for members of the arts and science communities to explore the relationships between their various disciplines through a variety of exhibitions, art collections, and other events. Jef Boeke serves on the Academy’s Forum on Synthetic Biology, given his active involvement in that field.

Focusing primarily on the support of art projects which bridge the gaps between artistic and scientific thought, CPNAS has funded artistic efforts in areas such as mapping and medicine, allowing artists to demonstrate new perspectives on issues ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to information management. The organization has also hosted concerts for internationally renowned musicians. Donations to CPNAS support online symposia and traditional exhibitions about the intersections of creativity and reason.


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