Dr. Jef Boeke – New Institute for Systems Genetics Seeks Applications

Dr. Jef Boeke serves as a faculty member of the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he founded the High Throughput Biology Center. In January of 2014, Dr. Jef Boeke will begin his responsibilities as the Founding Director of the Institute for Systems Genetics at New York University Medical Center.

NYU Langone Medical Center recently established the Institute for Systems Genetics to host programs for research in areas such as human genetics, computational sciences, and biological engineering. Located on the east side of Midtown/Lower Manhattan, the new institute will employ the most recently developed technologies in systems, sequence, and synthetic biology for its innovative research efforts.

As the Institute for Systems Genetics launches its programs, it seeks applicants interested in collaborating in its research and associated enterprises in fields such as immunology, microbiology, and metabolism. The Institute encourages both experienced and junior candidates to apply. In addition to research scientists in genetics and related areas, the Institute also seeks applicants training in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics.


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